Gregory Michael Steinberg of Austin, Texas, Discusses What is Wrong With The Corporate World

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Gregory Michael Steinberg of Austin, Texas, believes the recent push of corporate America to force Americans back into the office environment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic is an excellent example of what is currently wrong with the corporate landscape. The resistance to logic is counterproductive to the bottom line of many of these businesses. Today, Gregory Michael Steinberg of Austin, Texas, will discuss some of the negative aspects of the corporate world and how a return to logic could lead to a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

Gregory Michael Steinberg on Bureaucracy

Large corporations are often bogged down by bureaucracy and red tape, which can slow decision-making and make implementing new ideas nearly impossible. While compliance is essential, redundancies in the checks and balances of large businesses make it impossible to make the kind of quick shifts that are often necessary to compete in an ever-evolving digital world. In addition to a lack of flexibility, there are many issues with duplication in larger organizations. The larger the organization, the more difficult it is to keep communication clear across different departments. Companies can go years before realizing how one department’s actions are hurting another branch’s efficiency. The corporate world needs to take advantage of the latest technology to limit redundancies and cut through the red tape that often slows the wheels of progress.

Gregory Michael Steinberg on Short-term Focus

Companies may focus on short-term financial goals, such as meeting quarterly earnings targets, rather than long-term growth and sustainability. It can be easy to grow complacent in the corporate world. Once an organization has reached a certain level of success, it’s easy to go through the motions without thinking of what will help it the most a year, two years, or even a decade from now. Gregory Michael Steinberg believes companies willing to take a short-term loss to enjoy greater prosperity in the future will always have the best interest of their consumer in mind. A focus on the long term will cause a company to remain vigilant for the next big thing that can take them to heights they have yet to reach before.

Gregory Michael Steinberg on Stress and Lack of Work-Life Balance

Some aspects of Corporate America require people to work in a certain way simply because that’s how it has always been. For example, people are being asked to return to the office environment despite showing an aptitude for being just as productive – if not more productive – from home. People who are trying to balance a family and a career can benefit from the flexibility of remote work. Yet, Gregory Michael Steinberg notes that they are being required to return to a cubicle by countless American corporations. Corporate America could do itself a great service by considering the work-life balance of their employees, as a happy employee is always a more productive employee.

Gregory Michael Steinberg on Lack of Autonomy and Ethical Issues

Employees who are part of a large corporation often feel that their contributions don’t matter. This can lead to apathy that hurts a business. This apathy expands when a person’s personal beliefs are not reflected by the corporation they work for. As people grow more aware of the carbon footprint of their businesses, they want to work for a business that shares their beliefs. A lack of a voice within an organization can lead any employee to deliver a performance that isn’t near their potential. Employees who break free from the shackles of corporate America often find that they are happier, even when they make less, working in a position that values and recognizes their personal contributions.

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